First aid kit

If you had a first aid kit with memories of the best moments of your relationship, what would you keep in there?

The day you got together. The first kisses.
Walking hand in hand on a chilly autumn day in a strange town.
A bunch of lillies you got on a random day. A hot summer afternoon.
A stolen hour, early on a Sunday morning.
A strong hug, just when you where about to fall apart.
A great advice for a work related issue.

The look in his eyes. Desire. Trust. “You`re going to make it.”
The small gestures. Cooking together.

There`d also be memories of hard times, when you stuck together.
That day, when everything felt like tumbling down and he just needed to be held in your arms.
A comforting talk, that took all your fears away.
The night where the kid was sick and one would wait for hours at the hospital.
The joyful anticipation of seeing one another the next day.

When you`re going through hard times, go on and open that box.
Look through the memories. Turn them over in your head – or in your palm.
Cultivate the good over the bad ones.
No use in endless rumination over the what ifs and whys.
Things will go their way, no matter what you do.
Make your own life nice, as no one else can do that for you.

And if you still end up on your own, don`t make it any harder on yourself.
These memories will stay with you as long as you need them.
It`s your box, after all.

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